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Shared office for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses

in the heart of Calpe


A space where your visitors can wait and where you can receive packages.

Meeting Rooms

Different sizes of
meeting rooms for every occasion. Soundproof rooms.

Variety in Our Desks

Hot Desks, Fix Desks and even private offices.

High speed internet

High speed wifi connectivity. Your videocalls in the maximum quality.

Dining room | Coffee room

Dining room for coffee lovers, those who like to snack or those who bring food from home.

Conference hall

Room for about 50 people. Ideal for events, formations and what is presented.


A spacious and bright offices, exclusively for you and your things (printer, drawer, etc). So you don’t take your work home.

Private offices. A spacious, bright and fully equipped space for you and your company. With lock and own keys for you.

A Skype meeting, meeting with a client, meeting with your suppliers … Meeting rooms available to meet when and with whom you need it.

shared offices in calpe

Is a Coworking worth it?

You will be in a shared work space for professionals from different sectors in which collaboration, camaraderie and professional growth are fostered and allows the people who integrate it to add their energies.

In addition to being more accessible to your clients, the fact of working with other professionals will open up endless possibilities for you to take part in other projects or, why not, to meet other companies that are interested in your services / products.

Sharing is living. Here you will not have to worry about the costs of electricity, water, internet, etc. It’s all included!

Working with other professionals brings many positive points: making friends, business, projects, learning and a long etcetera.

You will have your office and a meeting room in which to receive your clients. Your company’s image towards customers will improve.

We know how difficult it is to get organized and be productive at home. Unleash the potential of your companies in a modern and warm environment. Set schedules and be disciplined with them.

A unique space


You have a free parking just 3 minutes walking.

Productive environment

You will work in a productive and distraction free environment.

Productive environment

You will work in a productive and distraction free environment.

Soundproof rooms

We have several soundproof rooms where you can meet your clients or talk on the phone without any problem.

Choose the perfect plan

Bono 10 días

120 + Iva
  • Hot Desk
  • Use of meeting room (€ 8 + VAT / h)
  • Use coffee maker, fridge, microwave

Oficina Virtual

140 + Iva / Anual
  • Correspondence reception
  • Fiscal and social address
  • Use of meeting room (€ 8 + VAT / h)

Puesto Fijo

150 + Iva / Mes
  • Fiscal and social address
  • Meeting room use
  • Use coffee maker, fridge, microwave

Oficina privada

Desde € 250 + Iva / Mes
  • Fiscal and social address
  • Meeting room use
  • Use coffee maker, fridge, microwave

Conference hall

Organize an event with impact

With a capacity of about 50 people, the favorite venue for events that include workshops, conferences, presentations, trainings, etc.

You have a projector at your disposal and access to the dining area.

Check availability and book online!

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You need a coworking if ...

You are self-employed / freelance and you need a place where you can work and meet with your clients and that forces you to leave home and be disciplined and organized.

You are starting an online / start up business and would like to benefit from synergies with other entrepreneurs while enjoying a workplace.

You would like to organize an event (talks, specialized training, group classes …) and have a projector as well as a sound system.

You want to give private lessons, both individual and collective, but the living room of your house has not just adapted to it. We have exclusive classrooms for you.

You give music classes and you need a place where you can not disturb and be able to teach them. With our soundproof rooms you will not disturb anyone and you can play as hard as you want.


Why a coworking?

A coworking, apart from being a space shared by two or three companies, with the intention of reducing expenses and creating synergies …

It is also the possibility of renting a private office to work, meet with clients, suppliers and be able to develop your professional activity.

But, not only that, a coworking offers a multitude of diverse services on demand of the users. Alternatives such as meeting rooms, event spaces or even private offices where you can carry out your professional activity whatever it may be.

In short, a coworking is a shared and inspiring work space, in which professionals come together who do not share a sector of activity or company, but share synergies of work, enthusiasm and motivation.

Let's talk!

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